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I Sawed the Signs


New Signs!

Sometimes paddle trail maintenance days are extra fun.  This time we pulled a few miles of poison ivy down and replaced it with some freshly carved and painted cypress signs.  Oh, and there were a few trees down, too. Read more…

Branches and Kayaks and Logs, Oh My.


Ready to Launch

Recently, Bayou Fountain had been quite low, but more rain brought it back to something more “normal”.  We figured that meant an easy day, and we weren’t far off. Read more…

A Quick Launch Overview


You Should Be Here

For those who have not yet been to the new launch, we figured we’d give a quick overview of where it is and what to expect.  So, here we go… Read more…

A Long Day on Low Water


Low Water Launch

It’s been a while since Bayou Fountain has had a chance to drop all the way down to its lowest levels, but with rain finally tapering off of late, low water has returned.  Finally, we could get to some of the surprises we’ve known were waiting. Read more…

Down On The Bayou


Sunset on the Lake

We’ve had quite a few wet days this summer, but lately the rain has been tapering off enough for the water level to drop toward low normal levels.  It’s just what we’ve needed. Read more…

From the Bayou File


Bayou File

You know it was a relaxing work day when you have time to look around to find odd and interesting sights.  An old file stuck in a little tree would seem to count as “odd and interesting”, wouldn’t you agree? Read more…

Look Ma, No Trees!



It seems that the rash of summer tree falling has abated at last.  We went down the bayou and didn’t find a single new tree to work.  So, in place of the recent flood of work day videos, we figured we’d show a few flowers. Read more…