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A Sunset Paddle and a New Day


Sunset Paddling

Any weekend you get to enjoy paddling is a good weekend.  A weekend with a fantastic Sunset Paddle (with actual sunset) and a brand new paddle launch?  That’s a great weekend!
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A Launch For All Levels


Under construction.

We spent Saturday at The Backpacker talking to lots of people about PaddleBR and BREC’s brand new and almost finished paddle launch, but with 3.7 inches of rain Monday morning, we figured we’d show off the capabilities of the new launch. Read more…

Hail to the Bayou!


Wadder go down da hooooooole.

Rachel decided to come out for a little paddle trail maintenance run on a slightly damp Saturday morning.  We got a bit more of an adventure than she bargained for.
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Anything for a Great Story


We usually say that seeing people paddling Bayou Fountain is our reward for all the work we do out there, but it’s not the only thing we get out of it.  Sometimes, we come back with a great story. Read more…

Paddle Launch Update


A sudden thunderstorm forced a scrub of last Friday’s scheduled Sunset Paddle with BREC Outdoor Adventure, so we figured we’d post a quick update of the Bayou Fountain paddle launch at Highland Road Park.  (Spoiler alert: Soon!) Read more…

Another beautiful day, and another tree


It was a beautiful day to be out on the bayou.  We enjoyed the great day heading down the bayou, and then on the way back, we met lots of people with the same idea.
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LSU Volunteers Clean Up Again


We recently had dozens of volunteers from LSU show up for a cleanup at the Litter Banks on Ward Creek, and my, did they ever clean up! Read more…