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Cutting Up On Bayou Fountain


Paddle Up 3

After years of work and months of waiting, it was finally ribbon cutting weekend on Bayou Fountain.  It was a long time in coming, but it turned out very nice, indeed. Read more…

A Tree Today, A Ribbon Next Week


With the ribbon cutting for the paddle launch at Highland Road Park coming up next Sunday, we headed out in the rain to make sure everything was just right.  Now, all we need is for everyone to spread the word so we have a great turnout on the 15th.
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But Wait, There’s More!


After the rush of September events, it was nice to get back to just another relaxing weekend of paddle trail maintenance on Bayou Fountain.  With the ribbon cutting for the launch coming up on October 15th, we want to make sure everything is just right. Read more…

It’s Our Third-Annual Paddle-In Movie!


Paddle-In Movie sign

It’s that time again.  Time to head out to University Lake to watch our third annual Paddle-In Movie.  First was “The Princess Bride”.  Last year was “Stardust”.  And now, moving right along, it’s time for the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational,…

What: “The Muppet Movie
When: Saturday, October 28th
Where: Out in the middle of University Lake

Get your Paddle-In Movie tickets here!


We love having our Paddle-In Movies to say thanks to our PaddleBR members, whose support makes much of what we do possible, and this year we’re extra happy to be able to celebrate the opening this year of BREC’s first official paddle launch on the Bayou Fountain paddle trail at Highland Road Park.  Everyone is welcome, supporting member or “just” another paddler, we’d love to have you out there.

There is no charge or admission fee, but since space is limited and we have to pay the license fee based on attendance, please get your tickets in advance.  If you don’t have a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard of your own, you’re in luck!  We have put together a fleet of 15 canoes and almost as many kayaks just waiting to be reserved for your movie watching enjoyment, also completely free (but tickets required).  Your tickets will be delivered by email, with details about the event and contact information if you need to change anything.

We’re looking forward to an amazing movie night out in the middle of University Lake.

Get your Paddle-In Movie tickets here!


Signs and Colors


New Sign

Last weekend was either leisurely or extremely full for us, depending on who you ask, but no matter who you ask, it was definitely cool (albeit in a metaphorical sense only). Read more…

The Question: How Many Bags?


This weekend we had a crew of volunteers come out and hit the Litter Banks of Ward Creek near Siegen once again.  Should we consider it an improvement to have “only” come up with 42 bags worth?
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Man’s Best Friends


The Northern Fleet

On Sunday, we brought a fleet of canoes out to University Lake to help out with BREC’s annual Pets N’ Paddling event benefiting Friends of the Animals.  After all, dogs are right up there with canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards as man’s best friends. Read more…