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Project ReWard — Expedition Seven


Project: ReWard

There was quite a current for Ward Creek when we headed out for Expedition Seven of Project ReWard, but we weren’t going to let that stop us from some rework on a couple bridges.  Not to mention, current can also be useful. Read more…

Fun Fountain Paddle


Paddling on Bayou Fountain

We did our hard labor on Project ReWard on Good Friday, leaving the rest of a long Easter weekend open.  We were more than happy to bring a trailer of canoes to Highland Road Park so a group could get in a beautiful day of paddling on the bayou. Read more…

Project ReWard — Expedition Six


Project: ReWard

For the sixth expedition of PaddleBR’s Project ReWard, we headed out again to the rapidly diminishing Ward Creek Lumberyard at Pecue to polish off the remains of the epic jam.  It was another very long day, but what a difference a couple very long days made. Read more…

Paddle Up 3 on Bayou Fountain


Ready to launch

The weather was great and the water was wonderful when BREC Outdoor Adventure came out with a group for a Paddle Up 3 on Bayou Fountain. Read more…

A Little Work On Bayou Fountain


We took a break from Project ReWard to do some paddle trail maintenance ahead of BREC Outdoor Adventure’s Paddle Up 3 on Bayou Fountain.  It was nice to have an easy day. Read more…

Project ReWard — Expedition Five


Project: ReWard


Project ReWard marches (paddles?) on, and for Expedition Five, it was finally time to begin the assault on the Ward Creek Lumberyard at Pecue.  The epic jam at Pecue has been a major issue for paddling Ward Creek for years now, so it’s high time we came at it head on.
Read more…

Bird and Beyond and Beyond


Birds and Beyond

It was a relaxing Saturday when we took a break from Project: ReWard to drop in on BREC Conservation and BREC Outdoor Adventure for their Birds and Beyond paddle and then head to University Lake to hang out at The Backpacker’s demo day to help get the word out about paddling our great local waterways. Read more…

Project ReWard — Expedition Four


Project: ReWard


With the water level low enough to get to the good stuff, the mission for Expedition Four of Project ReWard was rather straightforward:  paddle up Ward Creek to the Derelict Bridge by Buzbee Drive and go to town. Read more…

Breaking Up on Bayou Fountain


BREC Conservation and BREC Outdoor Adventure are hosting a Birds and Beyond Paddle on Bayou Fountain on Saturday, March 3rd. When they went to check out the bayou, they had to power through a bit of a jam, but they knew who to call. (No, not Ghostbusters.) Read more…

Project ReWard — Expedition Three


Project: ReWard



Once again, we headed out Saturday morning to work on the problem spots of Ward Creek.  This time, we polished off Barringer Foreman and had time left to take a bit off the slide area and even scout Pecue.
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