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Paddle Up 3 on Bayou Fountain


Ready to launch

The weather was great and the water was wonderful when BREC Outdoor Adventure came out with a group for a Paddle Up 3 on Bayou Fountain.

We always have a great time helping out at BREC Outdoor Adventure at paddling events, and we love bringing paddlers out to show off Bayou Fountain, our favorite local paddling waterway.  Throw the two together, and we’ve got a veritable Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of a day.

Paddling on the Bayou

After a bit of “percussive steering” near the beginning, everyone quickly got the hang of paddling their various kayaks, and we headed down the bayou on a day that was just made for paddling.  We had a nice relaxing paddle downstream, complete with a stop to admire the Palmetto House.  After a nice run to the Wall, we turned and headed back to the launch.


Everyone had a great time, and a few people even stuck around long enough to grab some PaddleBR souvenirs (pocket paddling maps, the usual fridge magnets, and the special paddle-events-only PaddleBR keyrings).  Then it was home in time for lunch, a nap, and dreams of heading back to work on Ward Creek.



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