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Breaking Up on Bayou Fountain


BREC Conservation and BREC Outdoor Adventure are hosting a Birds and Beyond Paddle on Bayou Fountain on Saturday, March 3rd. When they went to check out the bayou, they had to power through a bit of a jam, but they knew who to call. (No, not Ghostbusters.) Read more…

Project ReWard — Expedition Three


Project: ReWard



Once again, we headed out Saturday morning to work on the problem spots of Ward Creek.  This time, we polished off Barringer Foreman and had time left to take a bit off the slide area and even scout Pecue.
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Project ReWard — Expedition Two


Project: ReWard


PaddleBR’s Project ReWard is underway, and the high water really makes us feel like we’re getting somewhere.  This time, we polished off more of Barringer and then made a big dent in the top layers of the giant jam at the Derelict Bridge by Buzbee Drive.
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Project ReWard — Expedition One


Project: ReWard


Well, here we go.  PaddleBR’s Project ReWard has commenced.  With rain in the forecast and the water already high, what better Saturday to kick off our next major project? Read more…

Project ReWard


Project: ReWard

Several years ago, PaddleBR took on the challenge of turning a choked, unusable waterway called Bayou Fountain into a local paddlinfg destination.  Last year, we finally got to reap the full rewards of our efforts when the first BREC paddle launch was built and opened.  But one bayou and one improved launch is only the beginning. Read more…

Cleanup on Aisle Manchac!


For the last several years, one of the highlights of our schedule has been hosting Volunteer LSU guests for spring and fall cleanups.  We have a great time, and they keep coming back, too.  Last time, we did a land-based cleanup on the Litter Banks of Ward Creek and came out with another huge haul.  This time, they requested a paddle cleanup on Bayou Manchac, and we thought that was a great idea. Read more…

Winter Wood Work at the Wall


Well, the off-season is behind us, so time to catch up with a couple back-dated updates. With all the snow and ice and rain, we didn’t get to go out as much as we wanted, and there was the little matter of Nathaniel having to spend waaaay too long re-roofing his house.  (Did we mention the snow and ice and rain?  Even days with temperatures below the minimums required by the roofing materials, and this is Louisiana!) Read more…