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Breaking Up on Bayou Fountain


BREC Conservation and BREC Outdoor Adventure are hosting a Birds and Beyond Paddle on Bayou Fountain on Saturday, March 3rd. When they went to check out the bayou, they had to power through a bit of a jam, but they knew who to call. (No, not Ghostbusters.)

Okay, so sure, we’re in the middle of Project: ReWard, but that doesn’t mean we don’t hop to it when Bayou Fountain needs help.  One ten-hour work day in a weekend is enough for Mike to tap out, but to Nathaniel, this stuff is practically a calling.  He went out and broke up the jam (plus three other smaller issues a few miles downstream), and after an eight-hour day to go with Saturday’s ten, everything was good to go.

Seeing so much accumulated litter out there did make us a bit sad, but letting it spread back out is only temporary.  We’re getting the plan together for a cleanup (or two?) before the weather gets too, too warm.  Details should be available once we’ve punched a hole in the Ward Creek lumberyard at Pecue, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, that Birds and Beyond Paddle is looking sweet, so why not head over to BREC to sign up.


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  1. Larry Koenig permalink
    2018-02-20 11:29am

    Flotsam dam meister!

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