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A Little Work On Bayou Fountain


We took a break from Project ReWard to do some paddle trail maintenance ahead of BREC Outdoor Adventure’s Paddle Up 3 on Bayou Fountain.  It was nice to have an easy day.

With all the hard labor on Ward Creek lately, it was nice to take a quick run down Bayou Fountain to deal with the few little things that had come up.  We wanted to be sure everything was ready to go for all the new paddlers in BREC’s upcoming event.

Wildflowers at Launch

There were only a couple small jams in the bottom two miles of the bayou, and they were all easily cleared.  It’s nice to have very little to report when we do paddle trail maintenance on Bayou Fountain, and we’re looking forward to that eventually becoming the case with Ward Creek, too.

Red Ears

After a quick run down the bayou and back to the park, we headed home early in the afternoon, looking forward to hosting BREC Outdoor Adventure on our favorite local waterway.


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