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Project ReWard — Season 2, Episode 1


Project: ReWard

Every winter we choose another larger than usual project to take on while the weather’s cool.  Our previous winter project was Project ReWard, where we made a major assault on all the bridges and problem areas on Ward Creek in order to start preparing it for more paddling access.  With a new BREC paddle launch (or two?) on the way (we’re told late this year), we wanted to revisit Ward Creek for another round.  So, here we are with Project ReWard — Season Two. Read more…

It’s Our Fourth-Annual Paddle-In Movie!


Paddle-In Movie sign

Registration is now open for our fourth-annual PaddleBR Paddle-In Movie!

What: “Galaxy Quest
When: Saturday, October 27th
Where: Out in the middle of University Lake

Get your Paddle-In Movie tickets here!

While our Paddle-In Movie tickets are available at no charge, we need to know how many people are coming so we can pay our movie licensing fees and have enough themed snacks to go around, so please get your tickets in advance.  Spacious canoes perfect for movie watching (also kayaks) are available for reservation.   If you have your own canoe, kayak, or paddleboard, you’re good to go, just get your tickets.

Tickets will be delivered by email.  If you sign up for a boat reservation or just movie tickets and you discover that you cannot attend, please text or call the number on the tickets to let us know so we can let someone else join the fun.  (We’d hate to turn people away again only to end up with an entire trailer of canoes left lonely and unused.)

We’re looking forward to an amazing movie night out in the middle of University Lake with our even-more-upgraded PaddleBR Movie Dock.

Get your Paddle-In Movie tickets here!

Work To Do, Weather Or Not


With severe weather forecast for the weekend, all our plans were scrubbed.  We were looking forward to just taking the weekend off to relax and recuperate a bit, but what we got instead was an adventure and a very long day. Read more…

Project ReWard — Expedition Seven


Project: ReWard

There was quite a current for Ward Creek when we headed out for Expedition Seven of Project ReWard, but we weren’t going to let that stop us from some rework on a couple bridges.  Not to mention, current can also be useful. Read more…

Fun Fountain Paddle


Paddling on Bayou Fountain

We did our hard labor on Project ReWard on Good Friday, leaving the rest of a long Easter weekend open.  We were more than happy to bring a trailer of canoes to Highland Road Park so a group could get in a beautiful day of paddling on the bayou. Read more…

Project ReWard — Expedition Six


Project: ReWard

For the sixth expedition of PaddleBR’s Project ReWard, we headed out again to the rapidly diminishing Ward Creek Lumberyard at Pecue to polish off the remains of the epic jam.  It was another very long day, but what a difference a couple very long days made. Read more…

Paddle Up 3 on Bayou Fountain


Ready to launch

The weather was great and the water was wonderful when BREC Outdoor Adventure came out with a group for a Paddle Up 3 on Bayou Fountain. Read more…