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Welcome to 2017


Well, 2016 was something else.  We’ve had more than our fill of rebuilding homes, having car accidents involving deer, guardrails, and semi trucks, and other general inconveniences.

While we did get to spend some time out on the bayou keeping things going, now it’s time to launch paddling for 2017 (our early nominee for “comeback year of the year”).  So, here’s a little launch video to get the water moving.  We’ll be filling the calendar shortly, and we look forward to seeing lots of paddlers out there.

Second Annual Paddle-In Movie!


Paddle-In Movie sign

Last October, PaddleBR had our first ever Paddle-In Movie.  Thirty people showed up to watch “The Princess Bride” out in the middle of University Lake, and it was a fantastic event.  Well, it was so much fun, we’re doing another…

What: “Stardust
When: Saturday, October 29th
Where: Out in the middle of University Lake

Once again, we’re having a Paddle-In Movie to say thanks to our PaddleBR members, whose support makes much of what we do possible.  We encourage anyone who is not a PaddleBR member to consider supporting PaddleBR, but we welcome everyone, member or not, to come join us for another exciting Paddle-In Movie.  We’d love to have you out there.

There is no charge or admission fee, but we’re asking that you please register in advance.  If you don’t have your own boat, we also have a selection of canoes and kayaks available (boat requests are in the Paddle-In Movie registration form).  After you register, we’ll send a confirmation email with your complimentary “tickets” and complete details covering parking, launching, times, and so on.

We’re looking forward to an amazing movie night out in the middle of University Lake.

Paddle-In Movie registration form

BREC’s Kayak in Colors this Saturday


From BREC: “Join us for our third annual event, formerly Paddling in Pink, in partnership with Cancer Services Baton Rouge and the LSO Foundation. For a donation of $10 to Cancer Services of Baton Rouge, you can enjoy paddling a kayak, canoe or paddle board for 15 minutes. Paddlers are encouraged to wear the color of the cancer they are representing or fighting. Additional assistance provided by The Backpacker and Muddy Water Paddle Company, Bayou Haystackers and PaddleBR. Sponsored by SUBARU.”

Practically Normal on Bayou Fountain


Tree Frog

With Bayou Fountain finally low enough to paddle under Rackley Bridge, we headed out to take care of the rest of what the flood left for us.  Then on Sunday, some volunteers from LSU came out to see the bayou and do some cleanup. Read more…

After the Flood


We didn’t know exactly what to expect on Bayou Fountain when the epic flooding finally receded to only normally very high levels, but we knew we had to get out there to deal with whatever we might find.  It turned out to be a rather surprising trip in several ways. Read more…

Snippets from the Great Flood


Comite River

Like everyone in the Baton Rouge area, we have plenty of stories about the unprecedented flooding.  We figured we’d post a few tidbits as we get ready to head back out onto the waterways.

Read more…

Night Paddle on Bayou Manchac!


Night Paddling

It’s official.  Our July night paddle will be this Saturday (the 23rd) down that delightful night paddle waterway, Bayou Manchac.

What: A relaxing 5.6-mile red-light-night paddle down Bayou Manchac.
Who: Anyone who wants to enjoy a nice night paddle.
When: Heading down the bayou at 8pm.
Where: Starting where Alligator Bayou meets Bayou Manchac (Alligator Bayou Road in Prairieville), and ending on Camp Drive in Prairieville.

If you’re coming with your own boat and want to two-car it, or if you’d like to park at the exit point and pre-shuttle, we can give you the ending address.  Shuttling back to the start after the paddle is also available with no prior commitment but perhaps slightly slower service.

To reserve a space or arrange for shuttling, contact us at 225-366-8254 or send an email.  As always, donations are graciously accepted but never obligatory.