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Adios, 2022. Here’s to 2023.


Manchac Launch
Well, that was a 2022, but we’ll leave all that as a story for some other time.  It’s time to celebrate the passing of 2022 and the imminent arrival of what will (hopefully) be a much better year.  We’re likely to be a long time waiting before BREC is allowed to reopen the Highland paddle launch and restore access to Bayou Fountain.  On the other hand, after all the usual delays, the Manchac Park paddle launch onto Bayou Manchac is finally showing significant progress!

Manchac Launch
We don’t have any specific news yet as to when the Manchac Park launch will be ready to use, but we stopped by Thursday and got some photos of the current state of the project.  The deck appears to be virtually complete, with the edge rails about ready to start being installed.  You’ll have to wait a little longer to see the actual launch component, but everything is finally starting to really look like it’s coming together.

Manchac Launch
We’re planning to start getting out on Bayou Manchac (and perhaps Ward Creek) as soon as we once again have a nice BREC launch available.  Stay tuned for news, and with luck, perhaps our end-of-2023 update will be longer and much more exciting.


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