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Still paddling along…


Just a quick note to say that we’re still around.  We’ve been keeping Bayou Fountain clear, volunteering with BREC for City Park Lake cleanups, and generally working behind the scenes as this strange, strange year has continued.

We’re planning a bit of a rework and relaunch for the web now that things are, at least for now, getting somewhat back toward something resembling normal.  Stay tuned.

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  1. 2020-08-10 2:16pm

    The plans for Airline Highway Park are in development, and a paddle launch is indeed an important part. The proposed location I saw for the paddle launch is on Ward Creek just above the confluence with Bayou Manchac, which should be significantly better than the Airline crossing area.

    After significant rain, Bayou Manchac can be flowing strongly for quite some time, but Ward Creek much more rapidly returns to a more reasonable state. Having the launch on Ward means that it will be usable for a much larger range of paddlers for much more of the time, and being just upstream from the confluence with Manchac, it won’t be out of the way for paddlers in more of a touring mode.

    (It’s too early to have a proposed implementation timeline yet, but at this point the planning process is progressing purposely. I am notably optimistic about the eventual results, and I’m hopeful about the timing.)

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