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Litter Picking on the Lakes


A few weeks ago, our friends at BREC asked if we could do a cleanup on City Park Lake.  We weren’t about to say no, and so, we went out on short notice and spent a slightly wet Sunday picking the lake clean (as clean as we could get it — there’s always more).  We ended up with 21 bags’ worth, plus a tire.A Little Litter

Included in the haul were 84 vintage pull-tab cans — the kind used from around 1975 through the 1980s.  We figured they would make an excellent visualization of the concept that litter does not just go away, you have to deal with it.  Of course, that meant that we had to make a portable display case to show off a selection.

Vintage Litter

Naturally, as soon as we finished City Park Lake, we couldn’t help but notice that little Lake Erie (of BTR), the small lake in the loop off the east side of City Park Lake, really needed some attention, too.  So, after catching one of the locals and getting their gracious permission to park in front of their place, we headed out yesterday for another lake day.  It only took a few hours this time to pick seven bags’ worth, and just for fun, we stuck a 360° camera on a pole in the middle of the lake to make a pan-it-yourself timelapse video.  Check it out above (and on a phone, you can spin yourself around to keep an eye on us).



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