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Project ReWard — Season 2, Episode 1


Project: ReWard

Every winter we choose another larger than usual project to take on while the weather’s cool.  Our previous winter project was Project ReWard, where we made a major assault on all the bridges and problem areas on Ward Creek in order to start preparing it for more paddling access.  With a new BREC paddle launch (or two?) on the way (we’re told late this year), we wanted to revisit Ward Creek for another round.  So, here we are with Project ReWard — Season Two.

The bridge over Highland Road generally stays clear, and indeed, it was no problem when we paddled up from Manchac Park.  Barringer Foreman, on the other hand, has much narrower bays, and true to form, it had collected some trees and debris.  We were actually expecting it to be worse, and after clearing it out, we had plenty of day left, so on we went to the Derelict Bridge by Buzbee Drive.

We always expect the Derelict to give us a good workout, and this time was certainly no exception.  The mountain of debris was tall enough that you had to crane to see water on the other side without standing up in the canoe, and even better, there were multiple crane pads, decks, and other large wooden structures washed up against it.  We spent this first day clearing off as much of the mountain as we could, preparing the way for plenty of winch work in the next expedition.

Stay tuned for more from Project ReWard, Season Two.


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  1. David Monett permalink
    2019-04-28 7:21pm

    Great job Nathaniel!

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