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Project ReWard — Now With Bigger Paddleboards!


Project: ReWard

While we’re out there cleaning up, maintaining the Bayou Fountain paddle trail, and working on getting gear together for a unique and interesting project we’re working on, here’s another work day from our most recent winter/spring project.

The first crane mat in the video was exceptionally large, even for crane mats on Ward Creek. Obviously, there’s really only one thing to do with a giant floating crane mat you’ve just pulled off the legs of a bridge — hop on and see if you can paddle it. The answer to that is, yes, you can use an epic crane mat as a stand-up paddleboard, but no, it doesn’t really maneuver well or move fast. (Special thanks to Mike for paddling over to give me a lift back to the bridge.)

Stay tuned for more from Project ReWard, Season Two.


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  1. David Monett permalink
    2019-06-22 1:03pm

    Bravo. That was a lot of big logs.

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