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Last Call for the Paddle-In Movie!


Movie Dock

We’ve completed the annual service on the PaddleBR Movie Dock.  The souvenirs are ready, and the themed snacks are coming together.  The fleet is staged and waiting for Saturday, and tickets have been sent out to everyone who filled out a ticket request.

Yep, we’re pretty much ready to go for our third-annual PaddleBR Paddle-In Movie.  And yet, we do still have a few spaces still available.  We have a small number of tickets left, and we have a handful of boats that have not yet been reserved.  We’re holding the ticket window open for any late registrations from Thursday’s Pumpkin Paddle Parade, but this is the last call before we finalize the fleet list and head count.  Don’t miss out.  Sign up today!

Get your Paddle-In Movie tickets here!


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