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Project ReWard — Expedition One


Project: ReWard


Well, here we go.  PaddleBR’s Project ReWard has commenced.  With rain in the forecast and the water already high, what better Saturday to kick off our next major project?

We launched from the bank of Bayou Manchac near Manchac Park and started our trek upstream against a respectable current.  Once we made the turn onto Ward Creek, however, the current died completely.  The way was clear through Highland Road, but as expected, there was plenty of work to do at Barringer Foreman.  We set right to breaking up what we could with rakes and ropes, but soon it was time to deploy the heavy tackle.

Barringer Before

Cranking the pulls from a canoe is more difficult than working from land, but it works.  Things weren’t exactly light or free, but most of the work was only moderate effort (except the forked one that caught fast on a leg at one point).  By the time we packed up and paddled back, most of the visible tree trunks had been pulled with only a bit of a debris raft remaining in one bay.

Barringer Better

So, one expedition in the books, and one bridge mostly cleared to about a foot below the work day’s water level.  According to our scoring, “It’s not clear until it’s low and clear.”  It may not count as clear yet, but it’s certainly looking up.  Oh, and if you simply adore barking dogs, we’d highly recommend spending a day on Ward Creek at Barringer.  You’ll be delighted.


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