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Project Flowing Fountain — Expedition Seven



We had good feelings about today.  After Expedition Six, it seemed almost certain that one more day on the bayou would get us all the way to the Bayou Manchac and complete the Project.  What better to do on a Monday off than finally vanquish the last blockages, eh?

We decided to start early so we could have plenty of time, just in case.  It was, after all, about three and a half miles just to get to the start of the day’s work area.  We ended up having to spend a decent amount of time at each of the blockages we encountered, as the water was much deeper now.  It made things less convenient to work, and it meant that the few blockages there were all came from large downed trunks that took much more effort to work.

By a quarter to one, we left the last blockage behind and paddled the last half mile and change to Bayou Manchac.  As a victory lap, we even paddled over to check out the Alligator Bayou terminus and then back the other direction to the I-10 bridge.  Then it was back all the way to Highland Road Park, never once having to get out of the canoe.  Project complete… for now.

Expedition Seven statistics:

  • Blockages cleared: 4
  • Miles navigable: 4.37 (added 0.98 miles)
  • Percent complete: 100% (added 20.2%)
  • Total man-hours: 95.5 (added 8.25 hours, 2 people)
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