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Project Flowing Fountain — Expedition Six


After an excellent and productive Expedition Five, it looked like we’d finally have a shot at making actual forward progress again, so a week later we were back at it.  I couldn’t help but worry slightly that there was going to be another epic blockage downstream, but as we went along, there really wasn’t much of significance.

We got to break out the pulling gear a few times, and we had a good bit of manual labor.  Still, with chest waders (or in his case, a simple disregard for water-filled boots), we made excellent progress once again.  It felt like we may actually have a chance to make it soon, although with time running low and the sky already beginning to get slightly dimmer, it was time to turn back and pack it in for the day.

Expedition Six statistics:

  • Blockages cleared: 14
  • Miles navigable: 3.39 (added 0.83 miles)
  • Percent complete: 79.8% (added 19.3%)
  • Total man-hours: 79 (added 10 hours, 2 people)
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