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Project Flowing Fountain — Expedition Three


I decided to take a day off and attack the bayou again after a short week.  Turns out that may not have been the best idea ever, as I had significantly less endurance to work with.  I cleared blockage 16 and continued on to blockage 17.  When I got there, I was in for an expected surprise.

Having extensively studied aerial photos of the bayou, and having heard first-person accounts of a friend’s previous trip down it, I knew I was about to hit the mother lode, but seeing it was something else entirely.  I hopped out of my canoe and paced it out — a full hundred yards of almost uninterrupted blockage!

I spent over an hour working on the “easy” part (i.e. the flotsam), but with my energy level flagging and my spirits rather considerably down by virtue of the vast scale of the task ahead of me, I figured it was time to call it a day.  I paddled back and made the decision that I didn’t have it in me to continue alone.  It was time to call in reinforcements.

Expedition Three statistics:

  • Blockages cleared: 1
  • Miles navigable: 2.55 (added 0.25 miles)
  • Percent complete: 59.4% (added 5.6%)
  • Total man-hours: 21.5 (added 6.5 hours, 1 person)
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