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Project Flowing Fountain — Expedition Four


So, back to the weekend again, and back to Bayou Fountain.  This time, however, I was not going alone.  After seeing how extensive the next blockages were, I pulled out my phone-a-friend card.  The two of us set out from the usual entry and headed downstream (with me showing off all the work I’d already done along the way).  All too soon, we arrived at the blockage I’d spent an hour on the previous expedition.

Well, turns out things go much better with two workers than with one.  There was a ton of dead wood out there (actually, that’s probably too low a number to be literal).  Thankfully, as we were only working to make the bayou canoe-navigable, we could concentrate on the “easiest” path through.  (“Easiest”, in this case, is *extremely* relative.)

We arrived at the blockage at 10:00am, and we didn’t leave to head back upstream until 4:00pm, but we made it through the first part of the epic blockage.

Expedition Four statistics:

  • Blockages cleared: 2
  • Miles navigable: 2.55 (added only 43 yards!)
  • Percent complete: 60.0% (added 0.6%)
  • Total man-hours: 40 (added 9.25 hours, 2 people)
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