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Look Ma, No Trees!



It seems that the rash of summer tree falling has abated at last.  We went down the bayou and didn’t find a single new tree to work.  So, in place of the recent flood of work day videos, we figured we’d show a few flowers.

Floating Flower

Bayou Fountain truly is a wonderful waterway to visit.  The forest is vibrant in every shade of green, and splashes of color from the occasional burst of flowers are quite beautiful accents.

Bell Flower

Of course, the best part of the bayou during our hot Louisiana summers is the fact that all that greenery around and above you means shade! The lakes are convenient and make for excellent sunset paddles, but the sun beats down relentlessly.  The (relative) cool of Bayou Fountain is one of the reasons we started working it in the first place.

Guest Paddlers

After such an easy paddle trail maintenance trip on Friday, when someone asked about an introductory tour on Bayou Fountain on Saturday morning, how could we say no?  (Actually, I don’t recall us ever saying no, but in this case we were especially enthusiastic.)  And so, we were out there again Saturday morning to show off the bayou to a family of four and to let them see how their kids handled being in a canoe.  We all had a blast, and the ominously impending rain never did catch us.

Rackley Bridge

And so ended another great weekend on Bayou Fountain.  If you’d like to have your own guided tour (in your boats or in our plentiful canoes), absolutely contact us so we can hook you up.  If you have a group that would like to do a group paddle, we have plenty of canoes and gear for up to about 20 paddlers (or even more when we call in the reserves).  Introducing people to Bayou Fountain (and our other local waterways) is one of our favorite things.

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  1. David Monett permalink
    2017-07-15 3:41pm

    Pretty sure that third flower is Clematis crisps aka swamp leatherflower.

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