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The Four of July


Summer moves on, and after a couple five-tree work days recently, it almost seemed easy to only have four this time (and spindly little ones that barely count).  It seems perhaps that gravity is returning to normal on the bayou.

Another Tree

For some reason, summer brought a rash of tree falls this year.  May as well blame it on the weather.  I suppose it makes us feel useful, at least, although having a bit less work and a bit more plain old fun wouldn’t be that bad.

Technically A Tree

Thankfully, the work load this time down the bayou was much less than a few recent expeditions.  Technically, we had to work four trees, but when you have one as easy as this one, it hardly seems to count.  Take off the tops and snag them securely nearby, then a few cuts with the hand saw and you’re done.


Of course, most people out for a nice day paddling the bayou apparently don’t come armed for trees.  We’re more than happy to have most of the pointy-edged fun.  (If you happen to want to lend an occasional hand with paddle trail maintenance, either with us or on your own, we can provide advice and our recommended gear list, of course.)

Yet Another Tree

Of course, we had to have at least one tree with at least a few vines and lots and lots of branching, but even this one seemed like it wasn’t really trying too hard.  After all the trees, we had energy to spare for some elective work along the bayou (cutting some long logs, breaking up small catches, and otherwise preventing future jams).


All in all, it was a great way to start July.  One fallen tree was so quick and easy, it didn’t even merit a photo.  Still, we’re going to count it, if only so we could name this update something fun.  Until next time, then.

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