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“The Princess Bride” — Paddle-In Movie 2015


“The Princess Bride” — Paddle-In Movie 2015

Paddle-In Movie

Well, that was fun.  Saturday we set up on University Lake and had 30 people paddle out to watch “The Princess Bride” as our first ever Paddle-In Movie.

Way back around the dawn of PaddleBR, Nathaniel had an idea.  “Wouldn’t it be fun,” he asked, “if we had a movie out in the middle of the water?”  We all thought the idea was… interesting… but all the work of creating and maintaining a brand new paddle trail while building PaddleBR kept us busy enough.  Slowly, as maintaining the Bayou Fountain paddle trail became easier and easier, the concept of a Paddle-In Movie started to come back around.

Paddle-In Movie

This spring, we finally got around to collecting the details.  How much does it cost to license a public screening?  Can we use the Canoemaran as a floating theater?  How big a screen and sound system do we need?  Word started to pass around about actually doing a Paddle-In Movie, and we even went so far as to do a private test run with the Canoemaran, an 80″ screen, and a powered speaker.  That was enough to show we could do it, and so, the game was afoot.

Paddle-In Movie

And so, Saturday morning we started making trips to the park to drop everything off.  We had anchor blocks (a.k.a. mud-fishing cubes).  We had the Movie Dock, with over half a ton of flotation.  We had a 10-foot screen, stereo sound, a nice projector, and 140 amp-hours of batteries.  And of course, boats, boats, and more boats.  As the LSU game ended and people started arriving, everything was coming together as we towed the Movie Dock out into the lake.

Paddle-In Movie

The turnout was excellent.  Thirty paddlers came out to watch one of our favorite movies, and everyone had a great time.  What was originally just an oddball idea turned out to be a fantastic way to spend an October evening.  In fact, it worked so well, we’ll certainly have another Paddle-In Movie.  Perhaps the next one will be to celebrate the grand opening of a paddle launch.  Now that would be a worthy cause.  (Click any of the photos to see them all, or go straight to the PaddleBR Paddle-In Movie 2015 photo album.)

Paddle-In Movie

And now for the credits:  Thanks to Mike for the delicious snacks and for help with logistics.  Thanks to Jonathan for a fleet of canoes and kayaks and for the Movie Dock’s flotation.  Thanks to Rachel for the amazing souvenir lanyard badges and for managing sign-ins and paperwork.  Thanks to Nathaniel for a fleet of canoes and kayaks and for the Movie Dock and all upon it.  And thanks to BREC for the use of the park, without which it would’ve been a much longer paddle home.

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