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The Paddle-In Movie approaches!


Collectible PaddleBR Paddle-In Movie badge example.

This just in!  We’re down to three solo kayaks still available for reservations for the Paddle-In Movie this Saturday, and we’re fresh out of canoes.  If you’ve been waiting to see whether you feel like having an amazing Saturday night, now would be the time to sneak in under the wire.

Also, for those of you who have your own boats and have not signed up yet, I do not suppose you could-a speed things up?  Wait, we’ve got an idea!  Everyone who signs up for the paddle before Saturday morning will get a special exclusive PaddleBR Paddle-In Movie 2015 badge and lanyard!  This guarantees your spot and secures bragging rights in perpetuity as a paddler at our very first Paddle-In Movie.  (We will have some extras for surprise paddlers, but we can’t guarantee we’ll have enough for every Dread Pirate Roberts.  So, if you don’t sign up, get used to disappointment… but come out for the movie anyway — it is “The Princess Bride”, after all.)

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  1. Robert Baumann permalink
    2015-10-09 12:30pm

    I’d like to come join you guys to watch the have my own kayak, but no boat lights. Hope to see yall there.

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