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The Backpacker demo day — October 3, 2015


The Backpacker demo day — October 3, 2015

Trying the demos.

It was a very windy Saturday on University Lake when The Backpacker came out for their October demo day, but we were there with the sign canoe, getting the word out for next weekend’s Paddle-In Movie.

I don’t think we’ve had a day at the lake quite this windy since last year’s inaugural Pumpkin Paddle Parade with BREC.  It didn’t seem like an ideal day to be paddling the PaddleBR sign canoe around the lake, but we weren’t about to skip out.  People needed to hear about the Paddle-In Movie coming up next weekend.  And so, to the park we went.

Standing in chilled water.

Apparently a brisk fall day is enough to keep some people away from paddling, but there was still a good turnout.  The guys from The Backpacker were helping people in and out of boats (sometimes while standing in the water, which, I’m told, is not heated).  Meanwhile, we were mostly hanging out on dry land and telling people about PaddleBR (and the Paddle-In Movie, in case you may have missed that part).

Getting out, the easy way.

For the most part, the PaddleBR sign canoe stayed on shore standing proudly, but I just had to take it for a short lap to see what it’s like to paddle it in Saturday’s wind.  (Did I mention there were whitecaps on the lake?)  I shoved off and started upwind.  That part was fairly easy, all told.  Then I tried to turn.  That part, not so much.  With a long kayak paddle played all the way out (using the neck of one blade as the handle), I just managed to turn around for the return trip.  Knowing that it was technically possible to paddle it in that wind was sufficient, so I left it at one lap.  (Mike declined to take a turn, go figure.)

Backpacker in the water.

I have a feeling this is what he was thinking.  (No guests were harmed in the making of this demo day, and The Backpacker’s impromptu swimmer was just fine.)  Thankfully, the winds next Saturday for the Paddle-In Movie should be much, much less, and we’ll have lines available so you can relax and watch “The Princess Bride” without paddling the whole time.  (It’s a service.)  Be sure to sign up so we know how much anchoring we need.

One cold paddleboarder.

With the demo day concluded and the word of the Paddle-In Movie spread far and wide, we packed up and headed out.  There are still boats available for movie night if you want to join us but don’t have your own.  We’d love to have you, and it’s guaranteed to be at least twice as fun as a swim in the lake.

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