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Preparing for October


Not in a canoe.It’s always a bit odd when we spend a week off the water, but we took a breath of fresh hot air this weekend before we hit the ground running for October.

It turns out that paddle trail maintenance for PaddleBR isn’t the only thing Nathaniel does with his free time (as it were), so we let him have a weekend off to crew hot air balloons yet again… but only if he could find a way to connect hot air balloons with paddling our local waters.  Turns out, he actually got to fly as a passenger, and wouldn’t you know, he even found a canoe.

Canoe, from the air.Anyway, with the Ascension Balloon Festival at Lamar Dixon all wrapped up, we’re heading full speed ahead into an exciting October.  Next weekend is a demo day at the lake, and we’ll be there.  Then, October 10th, we’re showing “The Princess Bride” as a Paddle-In Movie on University Lake. (Sign up today!)  After that, it’s a trio of BREC events.  First up is Paddling In Pink, where we help out supporting a worthy cause.  Then Pets N’ Paddling rolls around (although my cats are not participating).  And finally, the Thursday before Halloween, BREC Outdoor Adventure’s fantastic Pumpkin Paddle Parade makes its second annual appearance.

Paddle-In Movie gear.We’ve got our screen, speakers, projector, and power all lined up for the movie, and as of this post, we still have a selection of canoes and kayaks available for reservation.  Come out and join us for one of our favorite movies, and if you want, you can even paddle left-handed.

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