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Louisiana Earth Day shout-out


Louisiana Earth Day shout-out

Our table.

A big shout-out to everyone who came by during the Louisiana Earth Day festivities Sunday.  Mike, Rachel, and I met all sorts of interesting people, and we had the great pleasure of introducing PaddleBR to many of them for the first time.  Lots and lots of PaddleBR fridge magnets were given away (351 of them, actually).

Mike says that “What exactly *are* those?” about the “grapefruit” at the front of the PaddleBR booth was by far the most asked question.

What *are* those?

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  1. 2015-04-21 8:47pm

    Your logo is dreamy! My magnet is on my fridge, making me smile every time I see it. Great job, ya’ll! While I am always impressed at the plethora of items you drag out of the waterways, I must say that the new cypress mile markers are even more impressive!

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