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Day At The Park (City Park)


To do cleanups requires plenty of carrying capacity, which my canoe has, but it would have more if I didn’t have to ride in it.  I could likely fit somewhere between eight and ten 55-gallon contractor bags in it without me there, but I still have to be somewhere.  I *could* tow it with my sit-on-top kayak that I have for scuba diving, but that’s long and large and not very convenient when you’re trying to get to litter piled up against a strainer tree.

What I really needed was a cheap little kayak… so I got my hands on one.  I had to try it out, of course, so I headed over to City Park and its environs and gave it a 5.5-mile test run.  It certainly feels sluggish compared to a nice, long kayak, and it certainly feels tiny compared to my canoe.  Still, I can get right in to the bank, close enough to reach anything I can see, so it’ll certainly prove its worth.  The thing’s light as a feather, too… at least compared to my canoe, which weighs twice as much.

I was also testing out my newly built and registered canoe/kayak trailer.  Since I can only put one boat at a time on top of my little car, I finally picked up a little trailer.  It can carry a pair of canoes or even three kayaks with no problem, so I can load my canoe and kayak and go out for some bigger litter cleanups.  If I can just find another canoe or two, I can *greatly* increase my cleanup capacity.  With two, I can strap them together to make a “litter barge” to carry *many* more bags at a time, or I can bring canoes for people to use to help in the cleanups.  Well, we’ll just have to see what can be done.

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