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Project Flowing Fountain — Expedition One


After much planning and anticipation, the first expedition of Project Flowing Fountain launched today.  Entry was from Highland Road Park around N 30° 20.831′ W 091° 04.703′.  From there I paddled slightly upstream to blockage number one in the immediate vicinity of the entry.  That would be the pilot project to see whether the trailblazing project was even remotely possible.

This first blockage was a downed tree trunk completely across the entire bayou, and I had to learn quickly.  It was certainly hard work, but it wasn’t actually as hard as I had anticipated.  My equipment was sufficient, and I was equal to the task.  With that under my belt, I continued on.

Expedition One statistics:

  • Blockages cleared: 7
  • Miles navigable: 1.42 (added 1.42 miles)
  • Percent complete: 33% (added 33%)
  • Total man-hours: 7 (added 7 hours, 1 person)
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