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Highland Road Park Launches

Highland Road Park Launches

Highland Road Park Launch and Parking Diagram

The two launch points we currently use at Highland Road Park are “Drainpipe Launch” and “Archery Launch”.  When the water is low, it is much easier to get your boat to or from the water at Drainpipe Launch.  It is also a somewhat shorter walk through the park.  The chain gauge is across the bayou from Archery Launch, which is much more wide open and excellent for launching and recovering during high water.

Drainpipe Launch

The following photos show the walk from the parking lot to Drainpipe Launch, plus what it looks like when the water is very low.

Drainpipe Launch tour photo #1Drainpipe Launch tour photo #2Drainpipe Launch tour photo #3Drainpipe Launch tour photo #4Drainpipe Launch tour photo #5Drainpipe Launch tour photo #6Drainpipe Launch tour photo #7

Archery Launch

Archery Launch is trivially easy to find.  It it right on the bayou just to the right of the archery range and the large tree in the middle of the field.  Here is what it looks like at water levels from “top of the bank” to very low.

Archery Launch from Highland RoadArchery Launch, very high waterArchery Launch, normal waterArchery Launch, very low water

Hello down there!

Archery Launch at very low water. Continue paddling just upstream to Drainpipe Launch for a much easier exit.

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