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Baton Rouge Lakes Launches

Baton Rouge Lakes Launches

The Great Pumpkin at Wampold Park

While we generally prefer the shaded, sheltered relaxation of a trip along one of our wonderful waterways, there are times when you just need a lake.  The Baton Rouge lakes near LSU have several available launch options, the best of which is at Wampold Park off Stanford, which puts you in University Lake.  The launch is improved, with a ramp and side piers, and launching from the grass is even easier.

(In case you’re one of our newer paddlers, the key is to put the boat in the water first, pulling it close in along the shore, and then get in.  If you try to get in with one end still on shore, you may soon find yourself much better acquainted with the lakes than you were intending, but there are restrooms at Wampold Park.)

There are also three places of various conditions to launch into City Park Lake.  They tend to get less use than Wampold Park, but if it is particularly windy, City Park Lake may be easier to navigate than University Lake.

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