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Man’s Best Friends


The Northern Fleet

On Sunday, we brought a fleet of canoes out to University Lake to help out with BREC’s annual Pets N’ Paddling event benefiting Friends of the Animals.  After all, dogs are right up there with canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards as man’s best friends.

Of course, we wouldn’t want to neglect Bayou Fountain, especially with the ribbon cutting for the Highland launch just weeks away, so I headed out for a quick trip Saturday morning.  It’s cross country season again, so arriving either before 8am or else around lunch works best, as cross country meet parkers park literally everywhere they can reach.  (We’re asking if we might get some signage at the launch itself to preserve some room for people to use the only launch we have, but considering I saw someone actually drive onto a sapling to park, timing is your best hope.)

One tree had folded in half on the bayou.  You could paddle right under it, so it wasn’t a big deal, and it only took an hour to polish off.  Then it was time to head home and get everything ready to go for Pets N’ Paddling.  I figured eight canoes (and one solo canoe) plus all the PFDs, paddles, and tow rope floats should be enough.  (I have 10 two-seater canoes in my fleet, ready and waiting for any Bayou Fountain excursions you may want to make.  Just contact us to get your preferred trip and time added to the calendar — it’s that easy.)

Dogs on the Water

Saturday morning, it was all hands on deck for Pets N’ Paddling.  We brought a fleet of canoes to the lake, and BREC Outdoor Adventure brought kayaks and paddleboards.  With the Friends of the Animals group set up, it was on with the show.  Mike, Rachel, the BREC crew, and I were loading and offloading boats almost nonstop.  You’d almost think it was a lightly breezy relatively cool fall day or something (which it was).

Dogs on the Water

With all the people, pups, and paddlecraft to help out with, I didn’t get much of a chance to take many photos, but fortunately, BREC Outdoor Adventure posted a big photo album for everyone to enjoy.  It really was a great day with an amazing turnout, and we were very happy as always to lend a hand and a fleet to benefit Friends of the Animals.

All packed up.

Of course, if you missed Pets N’ Paddling, have no fear.  We’ll be back out at University Lake on the 24th helping BREC Outdoor Adventure with their annual Kayak in Colors event, in partnership with Cancer Services Baton Rouge and the LSO Foundation.  I’ve even picked up a special hat just for the day.  We’d love to see you out there having a good time and supporting another worthy cause.


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  1. Penny Harper permalink
    2017-09-13 12:54pm

    Thanks for sharing Brec’s pictures. I got to see my daughter and her boyfriend with her pups. Also thanks for all your hardwork.

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