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A Quick Launch Overview


You Should Be Here

For those who have not yet been to the new launch, we figured we’d give a quick overview of where it is and what to expect.  So, here we go…

The photo above shows the launch peeking out at the end of the gravel launch drive.  Highland Road is in the foreground at the bottom of the picture.  This is the view looking south (toward the smaller, downhill side of Highland Road Community Park).  Coming from Siegen, you’ll be coming in from the right side of the photo, and the parking lot and launch will be to your right.  Coming from Blue Bayou, you’ll be coming from the left, and the parking lot will be on your left starting just as you come downhill after the observatory.

Paddle Trail Map

As you leave the launch inlet onto Bayou Fountain, you have two options.  You can turn right and paddle upstream toward Siegen/Burbank.  That will give you about half a mile of shade before you reach the Siegen/Burbank bridge, after which there is no shade or shelter from the summer sun.  Turning left points you downstream, where you have shade all the way to Bayou Manchac, about 4-1/4 miles away.  There is almost never any notable current on Bayou Fountain, so heading downstream for a shaded out-and-back paddle as long or short as you’d like is almost always the preferred option.

Now With More Landscaping!

The gravel drive takes you from the parking lot right to the launch.  There is room for several vehicles to park.  Since we have a trailer, we like to offload and the park in the main lot, as it’s always nice to be courteous to our fellow paddlers.  BREC also just did some nice landscaping on the turnaround island.

13 Step Program

The launch itself is designed to be usable at virtually any water level.  In this photo, the water is quite low, as you can see all 13 steps of the launch stairs.  The bottom two steps are extra long (extending a few feet out of the bottom of the photo), so you can easily identify the bottom step.  (The “14th step” is a bit of a doozie.)  Conveniently, the steps mean you have excellent footing even when, as happens here in Louisiana, they may at times be covered with a bit of mud.

From above.

That’s about the size of it.  If you haven’t been out to the launch and Bayou Fountain yet, load up your canoes and kayaks and try out the best paddling in Baton Rouge.  If you don’t have a boat to call your own, well, that’s what we’re here for!  Just use the Contact PaddleBR page to get in touch.  We always love bringing people out on the water.  We have plenty of boats, paddles, and PFDs to share, and there is no charge for paddling with us.  (PaddleBR is supported by small donations and by those who Support PaddleBR with memberships, etc.)

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