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Paddle It Again, Sam


We’re out on the water most weekends give a paddle tour, doing paddle trail maintenance, or just enjoying the bayou.  But sometimes once just isn’t enough.

A day or two before the weekend, someone texted the phone number on our Contact PaddleBR page and said that they saw that we had a paddle trail maintenance expedition scheduled.  They asked if we might be able to take them out for a paddle, too.  Well, certainly.  “Bayou Fountain expeditions” on the calendar are almost always flexible — they’re more of placeholders that say “We have nothing in particular planned, so we’re going to paddle and, if necessary, deal with any issues we find.”  Our usual start of 8am was a bit early for them, so we figured why not just double up on the day?

Six guests.

We paddled down the bayou and found no issues (only a couple long logs that we just pushed right out of the way), and on the way back we were so far ahead of schedule to meet our guest paddlers that we stopped and dealt with that very dead tree.  Then it was back to the park, where we unloaded a couple more canoes and picked up six more people for a casual paddle trip on the bayou.  We paddled an out-and-back tour that lasted about 2.5 hours and went a bit past the Not-So-Great Wall of Fountain before turning back.

Family of Four.

Saturday’s pair of paddle trips were fun, but wait, there’s more!  Someone else had actually texted earlier in the week and expressed interest in taking a paddle trip on Bayou Fountain with their family.  We gave several options, and when they found out Mother’s Day was available, that was just perfect.  So, Sunday morning we planned to bring canoes back to the park to give them a fun paddle excursion.

Two More.

We put that one on the calendar, too, and while we were out paddling Saturday, someone else texted and asked if they could join in on the fun.  Well, sure!  We set off Sunday morning at 10am for a nice two to three hours of enjoying Bayou Fountain with six more guest paddlers.  They all enjoyed themselves, and this time we turned back at the second powerlines, right after the wall, so about four and a half miles of relaxing Mother’s Day paddling.

A couple more.

But wait, there’s more!  Someone else texted and asked if we could fit them in for a Sunday afternoon excursion.  Well, why not?  We scheduled them for 2pm, giving enough time to pack out a couple canoes from the morning’s fun paddle, and then it was back onto Bayou Fountain one more time for a shorter but still delightful paddle.  We didn’t quite get to the Palmetto House before turning back, but it was just right for their introduction to Bayou Fountain.

The Launch

One expedition and three fun paddles all packed into Mother’s Day weekend?  Yeah, that’s living the paddler’s life.  We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, and a good time was had by all.  As you can likely tell at this point, when we say that we’re always happy to bring people out on the bayou, we mean it.  If there’s not anything on the calendar yet, call, text, or email, and you’ll probably get to choose the adventure (which then goes up on the calendar for anyone else who wants to reserve a boat or just come in their own).

Paddle Trail Map

We are still trying to pin down a Grand Opening with BREC, and we’re also working on getting a night paddle scheduled.  Those will go up on the calendar and have more info posted as soon as the details are finalized.  For fun day paddle trips (out-and-back, or paddling through to Manchac Park), just tell us what you want to do and we’ll schedule it right up.  Next up, University Lake for The Backpacker’s demo day.

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