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Sunset, Earth Day, and Wheels


Sunset Paddling

Things seem to come in batches, and with a BREC Sunset Paddle, Louisiana Earth Day, and more, this was certainly one of the full ones. So, on with the show.

Kicking off the weekend, we had April’s second Sunset Paddle at University Lake with BREC Outdoor Adventure. We’re always looking forward to the Sunset Paddles — what could be better than spending the evening with perhaps dozens of people out enjoying a wonderful spring sunset? After being rained out in March, both April’s normally scheduled paddle and the replacement for March’s rescheduled paddle were absolutely beautiful. Some of the best we’ve had.

Sunset on the Lake

With the Sunset Paddle a success, we all headed home for some nice rest and relaxation… assuming by “rest and relaxation” you mean stowing the paddling gear and getting everything ready for our exhibit table at Louisiana Earth Day (this year at BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo). We managed to get everything together with plenty of time left for sleep (over two and a half hours!), and by early Saturday morning, we were setting up for another great Earth Day.

PaddleBR at Earth Day

We got to talk to quite a few people. It wasn’t quite the same as it would’ve been downtown with music and adventure, but it was a great day.  If you came to last year’s Paddle-In Movie, you’d likely recognize the collection of time lapse videos (this time on a smaller screen).  Apparently, we even made a brief appearance in the background of the news report about Earth Day, as someone told me later at my day job that they saw me juggling on TV. (Alas… or phew… I was too late to see the clip.)

Having a ball with PaddleBR

Of course, the weekend wasn’t over yet. After a “quick” side trip to watch the Blue Angels at the New Orleans Air Show, it was off to Atlanta to pick up a brand new trailer. My collection of canoes was getting a bit too big to get everything to the bayou in only two trips, so I now have four on a new trailer (and I’m converting another for the more of my personal fleet). So, if you have no boat but still want to come out to help with a work day, do some cleanup, or have a nice guided trip on the bayou, we have plenty of room.

New trailer.

Five very full days is enough for anyone, but who can argue with a Sunset Paddle, Earth Day, a side trip to an air show (sadly, with no paddling — it would’ve been faster than traffic), and a quick 1100-mile errand to pick up a new trailer? We’re still waiting to find out when exactly BREC will have everything just right and schedule the big grand opening festivities at the new paddle launch, but for now, I dare say everything’s coming along swimmingly.

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