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Second Annual Paddle-In Movie!


Paddle-In Movie sign

Last October, PaddleBR had our first ever Paddle-In Movie.  Thirty people showed up to watch “The Princess Bride” out in the middle of University Lake, and it was a fantastic event.  Well, it was so much fun, we’re doing another…

What: “Stardust
When: Saturday, October 29th
Where: Out in the middle of University Lake

Once again, we’re having a Paddle-In Movie to say thanks to our PaddleBR members, whose support makes much of what we do possible.  We encourage anyone who is not a PaddleBR member to consider supporting PaddleBR, but we welcome everyone, member or not, to come join us for another exciting Paddle-In Movie.  We’d love to have you out there.

There is no charge or admission fee, but we’re asking that you please register in advance.  If you don’t have your own boat, we also have a selection of canoes and kayaks available (boat requests are in the Paddle-In Movie registration form).  After you register, we’ll send a confirmation email with your complimentary “tickets” and complete details covering parking, launching, times, and so on.

We’re looking forward to an amazing movie night out in the middle of University Lake.

Paddle-In Movie registration form

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  1. Penny Harper permalink
    2016-10-08 8:26am

    Is there a time set for the movie?

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    • 2016-10-08 9:35am

      The movie should start around civil twilight (6:45pm or so — do we count trailers?), with the sign-in table (taking waivers and handing out snacks and souvenirs) closing at sunset (about 6:20pm) to give time to paddle over to the screen..

  2. Sarah Tipton permalink
    2016-10-28 8:36am

    I registered a few days ago but have not gotten an email with tickets. Is there a way to check on those?

    • 2016-10-28 10:26am

      Not sure why the email didn’t make it to you, but I’ll send it again. Your seats are reserved and ready. We’ll be at the sign-in table until sunset (around 6:15pm), so arrive a few minutes before that and everything will be set.

  3. 2016-10-29 5:37pm

    Hola! I haven’t heard back, either…… So we just planned to do something else…..hope to see ya’ll next year. Pat and Larry

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