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BREC Sunset Paddle — August 14, 2015


BREC Sunset Paddle — August 14, 2015

Paddling in the fading light.

It was another rainy Friday leading in to the Sunset Paddle with BREC Outdoor Adventure, but yet once again, the weather rolled out just in time for another excellent evening of paddling.

It’s apparently getting to be a paddling time of year again, as the BREC Outdoor Adventure had completely sold out of spaces for the Sunset Paddle many weeks in advance.  We brought a small fleet of our own as well so that more people could come along, and we had at least a couple red light kayaks and the PaddleBR sign canoe out there, too.  It was very well attended.

Many boats.

We all set off in the pleasant, completely rain-free evening light and headed off across University Lake.  It was about the perfect evening for it, although the remaining light and fluffy clouds tended to obscure any direct viewing of the sunset.  We’ll call that close enough to perfect weather for Louisiana.  Almost everyone had a great time.

Boats through hazy lens.

There was that one paddleboarder who slightly overbalanced and had an impromptu cooling break, but he didn’t seem the worse for wear.  I paddled over to his board and sent it back to him so he wouldn’t need to slog across the lake bed to get to it.  It’s a service.  We also had one boat decide halfway through that was enough paddling, so we passed a tow line and I got to tow them back, giving them a wonderful evening cruise across University Lake.  (Another service.  We’re very helpful when needed.)

Paddling into twilight.

It turned into a very beautiful evening and a great twilight trip through University Lake.  There is one more Sunset Paddle in September before all the BREC Outdoor Recreation paddling in October — we’re really looking forward to this year’s Pumpkin Paddle Parade.  BREC kayaks and paddleboards may still be available for September’s Sunset Paddle, and we haven’t yet dug into our PaddleBR canoe/kayak fleets, but get in while you can.  (Or just show up with your own boat.)

In the meantime, we’ve got a PaddleBR night paddle on Ward Creek and Bayou Manchac coming up on the 22nd (boats available for those without their own), and a day trip on Bayou Fountain and Manchac coming up the following week.  With the record high temperatures seeming to have abated, this is a great time to enjoy our local waterways.

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