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The Backpacker demo day — July 18, 2015


The Backpacker demo day — July 18, 2015

People and boats all ready to go.

It was a hot but beautiful day on University Lake for The Backpacker’s demo day on Saturday.  Where better to be than out on the water?

The last time we were out at University Lake for a demo day with The Backpacker, thunderstorms chased us out of the water twice.  This time around, on the other hand, it was all bright sunshine and fluffy clouds.  Of course, bright sunny days during the heat of summer make us pine for the shady bayous, but you couldn’t rightly complain about those skies.

Fluffy clouds over the University Lake.

Everyone coming by to try out a bit of paddling (and many people there were) seemed to have a great time.  I only saw one person end up wet on a somewhat off nominal paddleboard launch, and if anything, I may have been slightly jealous.  I wasn’t going to intentionally get wet, but it was a rather warm day.

Paddling on University Lake.

The Backpacker demo days (and BREC Outdoor Adventure events, too) are always a great time to talk to people at the lakes about the paddling opportunities around our area.  Quite a few people at the demo day were introduced to PaddleBR, and we talked to multiple paddlers who were just out on their own as well.  Someone there even told us about recently paddling on Bayou Fountain and seeing two paddleboarders out on the bayou, which I would not have necessarily expected.

Boats all the way.

We’re always happy to let people know about The Backpacker’s demo days, as they’re a great way to get people hooked on paddling.  We get to promote PaddleBR and have fun, and hanging around a demo day is certainly more relaxing than attacking a humongous water oak on Bayou Fountain.  Which reminds me…

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