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BREC Sunset Paddle — July 10, 2015


BREC Sunset Paddle — July 10, 2015

Sunset on University Lake

Friday evening brought near perfect weather for another excellent Sunset Paddle with BREC Outdoor Adventure.  We even had several excellent views of the setting sun.

BREC’s Sunset Paddles have been wonderful all year.  Not a single one has suffered inclement weather.  That’s almost surprising, as yet again there had been rain in the area until an hour or so before things started.  That little sprinkle on the way to the park didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits, and the turnout was quite nice, as usual.

Ready to go.

We were there as usual with the PaddleBR sign canoe and Mike’s photo kayak, and we even brought an extra canoe so a nice fellow and his two avid paddlers could come along.  BREC had a trailer of kayaks and another of paddleboards, so the whole range of paddlecraft were well represented.

Canoes and kayaks and paddleboards, oh my.

With everyone briefed, jacketed, and on the water, we all headed out for the paddle around the lake.  The Sunset Paddles are easy enough and not too long for paddlers of any experience level to enjoy a relaxed evening with wonderful views.  This month’s was especially relaxing, as there was virtually no wind.  (I suppose this makes slightly more difference when you’re paddling the sign canoe, but it’s nice for everyone else, too.)

Dusk is falling.

The last few Sunset Paddles have had cloudy skies rolling in and obscuring the sunset, but this time the clouds arranged themselves just right for us to actually get to see the setting sun.  With the sun actually making itself known on a Sunset Paddle, everyone took a few minutes to just sit back and float for a bit to watch the sky changing.  The view was excellent.

Watching the setting sun.

With that, it was time to head back to the launch, another great evening in the books.  Everyone headed out, and we packed the last of our gear away.  But before we left, Mike and I pulled out the projector and a screen and did a very brief lighting test for our extra special event to be scheduled sometime this fall.  (The test was successful; we have but a few details left to work out.)  That done, all that was left was to get some sleep and start getting ready for Saturday’s night paddle…

PaddleBR at sunset.

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  1. Jenny permalink
    2015-07-23 11:19am

    Do you have any other photos from the July 10th paddle? It was our little girls first paddle & we’d love to see any more photos you may have!

    • 2015-07-23 12:15pm

      Mike was the one taking photos on that paddle. All of his photos from that evening are in this flickr set:


      Paddling and non-waterproof cameras are not the most convenient combination, so there aren’t that many photos, but you should have at least a couple there. When you click on a photo in the flickr set, there will be a down arrow icon in the lower right corner that lets you download the original, best-quality version.

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