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Bayou Fountain — June 20, 2015


Bayou Fountain — June 20, 2015

You're free, crawfish!

A fallen tree, many logs, and a stowaway (pictured above).  All in a day’s work on Bayou Fountain.

It was a slightly later than usual start after a busy morning, but the bayou didn’t seem to mind.  The water level has continued to drop, and the chain gauge now showed a full four feet of clearance below Rackley Bridge.  That’s a foot or two above normal “low” water levels (about three above the lowest we’ve seen), so there was still plenty enough water that hitting embedded logs or the bottom is not at all a concern.


On the other hand, there was still one straggler in the “fallen trees after all the high water” category.  Fortunately, it was not too branchy, and it was pleasantly narrow, for the most part at least.  It was easy enough to work piece by piece, especially since it had neither thorns nor vines in any notable quantity.  About an hour and a quarter working it was enough to take care of it for now.

Leftover trunk, anyone?

There’s still a good length of trunk left, but there was plenty of bayou left to check out.  It’s open enough that it shouldn’t be a problem, and cutting another few meter-long logs off the end when it happens to be convenient will be a nice pastime.  The rest of the way down the bayou turned up no more downed trees, but there were several very long logs to deal with.  Also, one spot in particular was overgrowing enough to call for a bit of low-water pruning down the middle.

Branching out into prunes?

Since the day was getting a bit long and tiring, we took it easy on the way back, stopping only occasionally to break up some flotsam or pull some branchy bits.  We took our time packing up, and while bailing the last of the water out of the canoe, we found the stowaway tucked in at the stern.  Braving the mosquitoes (which are always worst right there at the park) was a sacrifice, but we couldn’t just drop him that far from the bayou.  With a scurry and plop, he wrapped up the day, but we may yet see him again next Friday when we’re out there to do a touch-up paddle trail maintenance run in advance of the fun paddle on Saturday.

Saturday’s Bayou Fountain/Manchac fun paddle from Highland Road Park to Manchac Park should be great, by the way.  We’d love to have you along to experience the best of bayou paddling right here in Baton Rouge.  Full details are available at that link.

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