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PaddleBR 2015

For years, PaddleBR has been the work of a small group of volunteers.  As an unofficial group of dedicated individuals, we’ve made great strides toward promoting awareness of, access to, and conditions on our local waterways, with the Bayou Fountain paddle trail being our flagship project.  We’ve also had organized cleanups and recreational paddle events, including our very well received night paddle events (both with and without moonlight).

While there’s certainly a lot less paperwork involved in being grassroots and unofficial, there are also limitations to what you can do.  After much discussion, we decided that it was time to move forward with PaddleBR.  Over the winter, we’ve been working with paper almost as much as we’ve been working on the water (or so it seems), and we’re delighted to announce that PaddleBR has been incorporated as a Louisiana non-profit.  (The IRS paperwork to seek 501(c)(3) status is in work, too, but that part takes quite a while.)  So… now that we’re all official and such, it’s time to call for your support:

PaddleBR 2015 Membership

We now have membership available for the first time ever.  Your membership covers insurance costs and helps support PaddleBR’s mission and activities.  As a thank-you for supporting PaddleBR, we’ll even give you a complementary PaddleBR logo or bumper sticker.

You do not have to be a member of PaddleBR to participate in our events, cleanups, and work days.  For paddling events, we do ask non-member guests to consider a small completely optional donation to help cover insurance costs ($5 per person would be welcome, for instance), and for cleanups and work days, we’re just glad to have the help (although we’ll *always* accept donations if you want to give them).

PaddleBR 2015 Membership spans all of 2015 *plus* any events through the winter of 2015-2016.  Many of us like to stay inside in the cold months, but some of us are too happy the mosquitoes are gone to waste a good winter.  Plus, that gives everyone from January to the first fun paddle event of spring to get around to renewals, eh?

PaddleBR Stickers!

Also available are PaddleBR stickers.  We have square logo stickers that look great on the back window of your vehicle.  If bumper stickers are more your thing, we’ve got those too.  We tend to think of those as boat stickers, on the other hand:  One across the deck of our kayaks, or one on each side at the front of our canoes.  So, we have them available in twos (for canoes), or in sets for your car and kayak or car and canoe.  (If you want two logo stickers or some other set, we can do that too, and we always have them handy at work days or fun events.)

Custom PaddleBR Cypress Signs, too.

And for the ultimate in PaddleBR decor (for your home, launch, or business), we also have our custom made cypress logo and mile marker signs.  Nathaniel cuts, routes, and paints them himself out of rough cut cypress boards and has decided to donate them, made to order in exchange for your support of PaddleBR.  (Thanks, Nathaniel!)

Mile marker patterns for whole and half miles below 20 are available, and square sign patterns for the PaddleBR logo, paddle launch, picnic table, trash can, and straight/diagonal arrows are ready to cut.  Custom designs may be possible, too.

Thank you for your support.

PaddleBR is run by all volunteer labor.  Neither the board of directors nor officers nor any volunteers receive any compensation for their work for PaddleBR.  All proceeds from memberships, donations, and other sources go toward supporting the mission and activities of PaddleBR.

We’re happy to be able to provide magnets, stickers, and even carved cypress signs as token thanks for your support of PaddleBR, and we would like to thank those who have donated these items.

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