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The Lost Posts — January 31, 2015


The Lost Posts — January 31, 2015

Frenchtown Road Conservation Area

We’ve been begging (in a good way) BREC for paddle facilities for quite a while, but we like to give back, too, which is how a couple PaddleBR people ended up landlocked as The Lost Posts continues.

The BREC Conservation Department had a trail work day scheduled, and we figured it’d be nice if we did something for BREC instead of always asking for things, so on a nice Saturday morning, Mike and I loaded up out personal trail work gear and headed to Forest Community Park.  We met up with a good dozen volunteers and spent the morning cutting a brand new trail.

Alas, I didn’t end up taking a bunch of photos.  Seems I looked responsible or something, so I was given a machete, a flagged route, and a wide berth.  It was *vastly* different than paddling along a bayou, sawing logs, and winching trees, but I dare say it was a blast.  (Although if I admit to having too much fun, I probably will never be given a machete again.)

Frenchtown Photosphere Album

After the trail work was done, I asked if it would be okay if I walked the route from the Frenchtown Road Conservation Area parking to the Comite River to get a better idea of what was out there and to collect some imagery to document conditions.  That was perfectly acceptable, so I headed out to Frenchtown and walked the potential future Comite launch path parallel to the railroad embankment.

Turns out, there are some significant obstacles to getting a trail and launch there.  There are several sloughs that reach right to the railroad embankment, so it’s not going to be a simple cut-the-brush trail.  Also, the bank at the Comite during normal water (which this was) is, to put it bluntly, high.  For now, a Comite launch at Frenchtown is going to remain a future plan, but we know more now than we did.  (Also, if you click the image above, it links to an album of photospheres so you can look around at several spots along the way.  Use a tablet or smartphone, and you can click the button to turn it into a virtual window, which is really cool.)

All told, it was a fun day, and yes, my arm was a bit sore from all the machete work.  Only lost a bit of blood to the briars (and none to edged implements).  A good way to spend a day, if you’re not on the water, but it would be back on the water, indeed, for the next edition of The Lost Posts.

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