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Project Clearwater — The Great Bayou Fountain Easter Egg Hunt [upcoming cleanup]


Project Clearwater

“The Great Bayou Fountain Easter Egg Hunt” [upcoming cleanup]

Litter, picked.

All hands on deck! All hands on deck!

We first scouted Bayou Fountain last October.  Since then, we’ve spent two dozen very full work days and uncounted man-hours doing hard labor on the bayou.  Along the way, various people have come out to lend a hand (or put us in the media), some even more than once.  To all of you, you have our considerable gratitude and sincere thanks.  When Project Clearwater was started, the task seemed daunting, but all the effort has paid off in spades.  The two dozen impassable blockages, from #15’s massive 65 yards of logjam to the tangled messes of the 20s, are now wide open.

Bayou Fountain is now paddle-worthy, but the years of neglect have left it with a bit of a litter problem.  While it is not nearly as bad as Ward Creek, there is more litter than we ourselves can easily collect.  We need help.  We’re asking, imploring if it makes a difference, for any and all paddlers who can possibly make it out to come join us 9am Saturday, April 19th, at Highland Road Park.  We’ll rig the Canoemaran to carry the full bags so you don’t have to.  We’ll help you launch and recover.  We’ll even bring homemade cookies if that’s what it takes (just let us know by Thursday so we have time for baking).

We have gladly spent five months working on the bayou to make it paddleable.  We now need your help to knock out the accumulated litter to make it presentable.  It’s already a beautiful run.  Help us remove the asterisk.

A tree with a drinking problem.

(Note: We have not yet found any actual Easter eggs on Bayou Fountain, but we’re going to do our best to collect all the litter that may be hiding them.  Oh, and did we mention that we think the bayou might have a drinking problem?)

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