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Project Clearwater — Expedition Seventeen [upcoming]


Project Clearwater

Expedition Seventeen [upcoming]

For the first time since November, it’s a SUNDAY trip out on the bayou.  (We have a commitment on Saturday, but we wouldn’t want to get in the habit of skipping weeks or anything, at least not quite yet.)  So, Sunday, March 30th, with the usual plan of launching from Highland Road Park at 8am.  If the water is again low, we’ll be doing hard labor at at least two known spots (and any unknown ones) to clear downed tree trunks.   If the water’s too high to get to those, we’ll “settle” for working what we can and making a dent in the litter situation.

If the weather is anything like it’s been lately, it should be a great spring day out there.  One would be unwise to forget the mosquito repellant, however, as we learned last time at our great peril… or at least significant annoyance.

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