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Project Clearwater — Expedition Sixteen [upcoming]


Project Clearwater

Expedition Sixteen [upcoming]

We’ll be launching from Highland Road Park at 8am to continue our game of Chase the Flotsam.  There are at least a couple confirmed submerged potential blockages, so we’ll be tackling those along the way.  There is plenty of litter access, and if anyone would like to concentrate on that, we’ll gladly tow an extra canoe to give a convenient place to offload.  (It’s much easier to collect litter when you have somewhere to put the full bags, especially if you’re in a kayak.)

If you simply want to try out paddling on the bayou, you should have little problem going all four miles from Highland Road Park to Bayou Manchac, although it’s not quite pristine as of yet.  The launch/recovery point at Highland Road Park is a bit difficult with the water being low again, but it’s manageable.

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