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Project Clearwater — Expedition Fifteen [upcoming]


Project Clearwater

Expedition Fifteen [upcoming]

We think zombie blockage #11 should be better for a bit, although the next big rain may redistribute it again.  (We wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually falls apart completely and all but disappears downstream.)  That leaves just the last legs of the Chase the Flotsam marathon.  We’ll start at Highland Road Park at 8am on Saturday, and we’ll just continue to hit anything we come upon all the way down the bayou (hopefully to Bayou Manchac, but we’re concentrating on being thorough now instead of just getting through).

One of our regulars is out this weekend having fun at CampFest with the Louisiana Hiking Club, but with Daylight Saving Time finally here, there’s an hour more sunlight to work with.  Does that count as a win-win, then?  Now, if we can just avoid the big thorns and the hairy vines, it should be a perfect day to work on the bayou.

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