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Project Clearwater — Expedition Thirteen [upcoming]


Project Clearwater

Expedition Thirteen [upcoming]

Thirteen may just be our “lucky” number.  Expedition Twelve found us blowing through #19, the last of the major logjams.  Then we played Chase the Flotsam almost all the way down, ending up 3.25 miles downstream from the park, 3/4 of a mile from Bayou Manchac, and only 80 yards from the last numbered blockage from the scouting trip.  While we don’t know exactly what Saturday will bring, we figure there’s a very good chance that we’ll reach breakthrough and raise a beverage over Bayou Manchac.

We’ll do our usual 8am at Highland Road Park, and we’ll take care of any remedial work on the way.  Then it’ll be powering through the last work leg into open Bayou Fountain before returning to the park.  It’s a much longer paddle than it was when we’d just started the project, and if you just want to enjoy the bayou or pick litter along part of it, we’re all for that, too.  With “luck”, we’ll get to do a little dance in the canoes — in our PFDs, as always, of course.

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  1. Garret permalink
    2014-02-25 12:27pm

    Great work guys…My son and I set out in a kayak from the Lakes at Highland on Saturday after the rains had passed. When the water is up it is quite disturbing and grotesque to paddle through & witness the mass of trash and garbage that funnels into Bayou Fountain! I feel like this might be the greatest challenge of all. Is the source all of Baton Rouge? What can be done? I am free to make it out this Saturday to help with Expedition 13. I look forward to meeting ya’ll.

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