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Project Clearwater — Expedition Twelve [upcoming]


Project Clearwater

Expedition Twelve [upcoming]

We have seen the promised land (i.e. Bayou Manchac), and now it’s time to start attacking the last major logjam remaining on Bayou Fountain.  Blockage #19 is not nearly the same epic scale as Blockage #15 was, but it’s still a good bit of work.  We’ll be hitting it one way or another this Saturday.  We launch at Highland Road Park at 8am from just upstream of the archery range.  (For now, look for the tire totem made of wheels we’ve pulled out of the bayou.  It’s only temporary, but while it’s there, may as well use it as a marker, eh?)

As we always note, there’s litter out there ready to be plucked from the bayou, and we’d be delighted if anyone wants to grab some while we’re out there.  Even if you just want to paddle a bit of the bayou to see what it’s like, we’d be more than happy to see you.  It’s getting ever so close to being completely passable.  Now, if only we can get a primitive canoe launch to make that part easier for everyone.

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  1. Lolan Melancon permalink
    2014-02-20 2:38pm

    I will not be able to join you Saturday, but I am interested in the project. I found a minor jam at the Burbank bridge that I can work on next week. I know what to do with the trash, but what about the limbs? There is a 30′ log partly on the west bank. If I move it higher, the next high water will refloat it. What do you all do with the trees you remove? Can I move it next to the road and ask city/parish to pick it up? Advice please. Lolan Melancon

    • 2014-02-20 3:32pm

      Ah, the Burbank bridge. I haven’t been that direction in some time, but once the way downstream is open, I’d love to check it out.

      For long logs like that, we usually find a place to wedge them in parallel to the bank (there are often convenient trees and root balls sticking out). Most of the time, there are enough logs in the big jams to lock them all together so they won’t easily move, so we just play pick-up-sticks engineering. We actually used some small-diameter sisal rope to tie off the literal telephone pole we found at one point, as there was really nothing else we could do with it. And of course, past the last major jam, the banks are so low and the logs so sparse that pretty much the only thing to do is send logs on down the bayou. That does mean we may have to free the same log a few times as it moves along, but there’s really nothing else to do there.

      So, without having seen it, I’d say wedge it if that’s an option. If it’s just *too* big, maybe tie it off (but *obviously* not to a bridge, which I say just in case anyone ever gets that idea). Alternately, free it to continue on down the bayou, knowing it’ll very likely be revisited later, but in a spot more conducive to keeping it out of the way. (Hehe, perhaps it’d be useful along the park-side bank to give us better footing getting in an out.)

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