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Project Clearwater — Expedition Eleven [upcoming]


Project Clearwater

Expedition Eleven [upcoming]

We made it to #19 last time, but part of that was due to high water.  (We got to partially skip one blockage.)  We’ll be back out on the bayou Saturday, launching from Highland Road Park at 8am as usual.  It’s up to a 2.5-mile paddle to get to the main work area, but it’s a nice trip and an easy paddle.

With rain this week, the water level may be higher than normal.  That will not impact the paddling, but it could make the clearing work a bit harder for us.  On the other hand, it should make it much easier to get to more of the litter, so come one, come all!  We can carry the litter in our canoes, and we welcome all with or without their own paddlecraft.

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