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Project Clearwater — Expedition Ten [upcoming]


Project Clearwater

Expedition Ten [upcoming]

Last weekend we successfully completed the campaign against Blockage #15 and its 65 yards of flotsam.  Now we get to continue on down the bayou and keep working on more.

We’ll be launching from the back of Highland Road Park (near the archery range) at 8am Saturday morning.  If you bring your own canoe or kayak, you can arrive and leave as you’d like, but do note that the entry and exit are on a rather steep bank.  (We do it with multiple boats each expedition, but it’s not quite as easy as launching at Baton Rouge Beach.)  It’s about 2-1/4 miles downstream (in the bayou’s all but immeasurable current) to where we’ll be continuing our blockage clearing, and it generally takes us a bit under an hour each way of leisurely, stress-free paddling on a wonderful Louisiana bayou to get there or back.

The litter is now easy picking from any canoe or kayak.  We’ll also gladly transport your excess litter back to the exit for you — with the Canoemaran, we have tremendous capacity, and anything we can do to help clean out the litter is our pleasure.

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  1. R Walker permalink
    2014-02-06 5:25pm

    Please send me an e-mail for Nathaniel Klumb.

  2. garret smith permalink
    2014-02-07 11:29am

    When is next clean up scheduled? I would like to make plans to be there.

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