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Project Clearwater — Expedition Eight [upcoming]


Project Clearwater

Expedition Eight [upcoming]

The first expedition in the Blockage #15 campaign was a fantastic success, and we even made the 10 o’clock news!  While it’s likely too late to be on TV, there’s plenty more work where that came from.  We’ll be launching this Saturday at 8am from Highland Road Park, as usual, and it’s now about 2-1/4 miles or a bit under an hour of leisurely paddling to get to/from the work area.

Any way you’d like to work, we’d be happy to let you.  We get in with waders.  We winch from dry-ish “land”.  We pull logs while conveniently in canoes.  We power through in kayaks to grab the litter.  It’s pretty much all on the table, so if you’d like to help out, be our guest.  You probably don’t want to bring toy poodles or young children, of course, as it’s messy work with occasional pointy bits, but that’s just simple logic…  (So far we haven’t seen any snakes or alligators in the log jams, which must mean that they’re all cowering together under that one last piece, waiting for someone to come along, right?  If only I could find a stick to poke around with!)

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