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Project Clearwater — Expedition Six [upcoming]


Project Clearwater

Expedition Six [upcoming]

Blockage #11, the first of the big three on Bayou Fountain, is open!  Now we have the next three “normal” blockages to clear to get to the most epic of all Bayou Fountain logjams, Blockage #15.  Theoretically, this should be a somewhat shorter day, and being back by the Saints game sounds like a plan.  Launching will be from Highland Road Park just upstream of the archery range, as usual, and heading downstream at 8am is the idea.  It’s a two-mile paddle each way (2-1/4 if we make it all the way to #15 for a quick photo op).

All are welcome, as usual.  We’ll gladly support any litter pickers, and there’s plenty of wood around for anyone who wants it.  Unless we get torrential rains, it shouldn’t be a problem to get straps and saws applied to the downed trees and branches, and the temperatures look quite springlike.

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