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Project Clearwater — Expedition Five [upcoming]


Project Clearwater

Expedition Five [upcoming]

Blockage #11 withstood an initial assault last weekend, losing much of its content but not quite yielding.  We intend to finish that job this Saturday.  Depending on how things go, we may even continue downstream to the next blockage or few, which are much, much smaller.  We’ll launch at Highland Road Park for 8am, paddle the two miles to the blockage, and get to work.  We probably won’t be back in time for the Chiefs/Colts game, but we’ll certainly be back with plenty of time to be home and all cleaned up by the Saints game.

Most of the remaining jam on #11 is likely made of floating interlocking logs and branches (with the occasional tree, naturally, as nothing could be *too* easy).  Some of us will certainly be working wet, but we’ll also have canoes for working from floating platforms.  As usual, we welcome anyone who’d like to share in the labor, and if you bring powered gear we may even ooh and aah.  Anyone wanting to pick litter can bag-and-stage, as always, and we’ll collect on our way back to the park.

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  1. Sydney Kern permalink
    2014-01-23 6:36pm

    Hello, my name is Sydney Kern. I’m a broadcast journalism major at LSU. I just recently heard about project clear water and how y’all voluntarily clean the paddle areas that are blocked by debris and trash. I would love to do a story on this for my class if there’s a blockage that needs to be cleaned in the future? It would be filmed, but only used as an assignment, which is due Feb. 5th. Let me know if there will be any activity before then and if it would be possible to interview and film those cleaning up a blockage.
    Thanks so much!
    Sydney Kern

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